The Expat Life: Where is Home Now?

Not so long ago, I spent a few days in my hometown, Quebec City. It was a solo trip to visit friends—and attend my 20-year high school reunion! For the first time since we left Quebec City, I was worried about going back. I wondered if the connections with friends would still be intact, as fluid, transparent, and funny as they had been.We all lead busy lives. Some of my friends have been through tough times since I left, and I wasn’t as close as I would have liked to be. I have faced my own challenges as well, and we all know how it is--the days, weeks, and months pass by so fast. 

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At the grocery store:

Cashier: have you watched the Olympics? Me: not really, I don't watch TV but I am on twitter so I get news from there ;) Cashier: well this morning the US soccer team won over Canada. It was tight and we almost went overtime but we got Canada (with a big smile). Me: so US won eh? Damn. Cashier: (puzzled) Me: I am Canadian. Cashier: :/ Me: :)

À l'épicerie:

Caissier: avez-vous suivi les Olympiques? Moi: pas vraiment, je ne regarde pas la télé mais je suis les nouvelles par twitter. Caissier: ben ca matin l'équipe de soccer américaine a battu le Canada. Ça a été chaud et ça a presque fini en over time mais on les a eu les Canadiens! (avec un gros sourire). Moi: ah ouin? Alors les US ont gagné? Ah ben merde. Caissier: (se dit que je l'ai échappé...). Moi: je suis Canadienne. Caissier: :/ Moi: :)