30% to 50% OFF!

The "moving to California" sale is ON! Everything I have in stock is reduced-- 30% to 50% OFF*!Hurry up though, quantities are very limited!

*until supplies last. 

Regular priced items are still available for order until June 1st 11h00pm EST.

La vente "je déménage en Californie" est officiellement déclarée! Tous les items que j'ai en inventaire sont réduits de 30% à 50%*!  Faites vite, les quantités sont très limitées!

*jusqu'à épuisement des stocks.

Les produits à prix réguliers seront disponibles jusqu'au 1er juin, 23h EST.


Blog technical problems

If you're reading my posts in Google Reader and thinking "Oh Dear, she is loosing it!", it's because I'm experiencing technical issues and I'm very sorry about that (in fact, I am totally annoyed and irritated because I'm spending countless precious hours trying to resolve this).If you happen to know how to "unblog" or delete posts in the Google Reader feed, PLEASE contact me a.s.a.p.

Thank you for your understanding - Mel